What’s LUCK got to do with it?

When talking about a High Performing person, it’s easy to blame her success on LUCK!

The green monster of envy often shows up, and folks might snarl and say things like: “OH! She’s just LUCKY . . . She has that Midas touch! Everything she touches turns into GOLD! . . . It’s just NOT FAIR because she just flits around and gathers clients without appearing to have any plan whatsoever.”

It’s difficult for folks to understand why some succeed at very high levels seemingly effortlessly while others “work like dogs” with nominal results.

This isn’t a new quandary. Vilfredo Pareto noticed the phenomenon in the early 1900’s and theorized the “Pareto Principle” (after which my new real estate firm Pareto Realty – The Vital Few is named). Vilfredo noticed that 20% of the businesses (The vital few) typically produced 80% of the production while 80% of the businesses (The trivial Many) produced 20% of the production. (Wasn’t always 20/80 – sometimes 10/90 or 30/70 . . . but always disproportionate)


While MANY great thinkers have tackled this issue . . . and myriad folks have put great effort into figuring out how to create “transference” of this “Luck” to others by capturing the secret formula of this stratospheric success (which often ends up being published as a “Self-Help” book or “get rich quick program”), it’s proven to be a very enigmatic issue. “Teaching” people and businesses how to be “20%ers” is a HUGE market for coaches and consultants . . . and interestingly, fewer than 20% of the folks who buy the programs make it to the top (the 20/80 rule shows up again).

I believe they’re making it more complex than it needs to be.

I think it really might have something to do with LUCK after all.

Luck is what happens at the intersection of persistence and opportunity.

Because of my prior military service, acronyms are near and dear to my heart . . . and while walking the dog this morning, I wrangled out the following acronym for LUCK . . . Here goes:

  • Leverage – Focus on your relationships with PEOPLE. Every person “out there” has influence over 200 to THOUSANDS of other people. Get one person to know you, like you, and trust you, and you gain exposure to all those other people 
  • Universal Abundance – With a glass always half full (not half empty) – Days partly sunny (not partly cloudy) and a general disposition towards Service to others, there’s an innate authenticity built into leveraging relationships. You cannot fake an abundance mentality . . . It’s either there . . . or it’s not.
  • Clarity – of purpose and Focus. “Lucky People” know where they are going and why they are going there. They have a Clear VISION  . . . and the mission is clear. With that level of clarity, everything they do is intentional (on purpose) which with a weird twist of fate often results in accidental quantum leaps of success. 
  • Knowledge through experience and commitment to “What’s next?”. these 20%ers never stop learning and seeking new knowledge. They are seldom satisfied with the status quo and always innovating . . . EVERYTHING! These are intrepid explorers who exhibit no fear as they take action and dive into uncharted territory.

“Lucky” people are like ducks . . . Calm and unruffled on the surface but paddling diligently underneath.

the thing is . . . success is easy for those who invite LUCK through appropriate action, indefatigable persistence, and a generally predominant abundance mentality.

I’ve never met a true 20%er who wasn’t authentically committed to service to others.

It all begins on the inside and works its way out.

What are you waitin’ for . . . LUCK?

Just sayin’ 



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