What you say on facebook

“Think of facebook as a virtual cocktail party.”

Brian Copeland said this some years ago, and it stuck in my mind as a fantastic guideline for social media etiquette.

How would you behave at a cocktail party . . . not a fraternity party or a New Years Eve party or a bachelor party . . . a COCKTAIL Party?

Conventional wisdom would be to stay clear of the “Big 4” (Religion, sex, Politics, and money) lest you find yourself as “that guy who showed his ass last night.”

REALTOR Magazine published an article that points out some of the pitfalls of some of the things people say on Social Media that may do unintended harm.

Sticks & Stones Won’t Hurt Worst

Their examples reference home sellers “Trashing” their neighborhoods and commenting about their hatred of living there even as they are pushing their REALTOR to sell the property at TOP dollar with perfect terms.

Don’t ever forget the “Six Degrees of Separation” and in the world of social media, the degrees of separation are more likely in the 3 to 4 range.

Most egregious are the times I see REALTORS, Home Buyers, and Home Sellers “discussing” active negotiations on Facebook as they are happening.

“Confidentiality” is out the window in the thrill of the competition . . . and others are watching.

I’ve seen this cost a Seller tens of thousands of dollars.

Don’t let this be you!

On the professional side of things, if 80% of your posts portray you as a “Party like a Rock Star, Living the Dream, Boozing, Toking, Lean, Mean Party Animal,” who’s your audience?

What you say on Facebook matters!

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