What we have here is a failure to be offensive

If you’re not being offensive, you’re not moving forward.

You’re treading water or rocking in a rocking chair expending energy and going nowhere.


You’re being defensive with your primary mission becoming an all out pursuit of not much more than survival.

In that defensive posture, the main objective is to keep your opponent from scoring . . . Scoring points for your team becomes secondary.

There are many reasons folks may justify their defensive approach.

Presumption – They so believe that their cause/position is a winner, they presume they’ll win regardless of how hard they play the game.

Underestimation – Maybe they have a lead (more points on the scoreboard) or their team is higher in the rankings than their “underdog” opponent.

Leadership deficiency – The powers that be on the team are lacking in strategic play calling and/or motivating their tribe.

Insufficient Esprit de corps – The team is not gelled around a unified purpose.

Neglecting the core supporters – We all know that a fired up fan base fuels success.

Quite possibly, all of these could apply.

Quite probably, any one of these shortcomings can show up unexpectedly in any team or mission.

No one is exempt from sliding into bad posture and ultimately paying the price of losing to the underdog.

The best antidote is one of a resolute commitment ALWAYS to be moving forward.

Defense is necessary, but it doesn’t (often) put points on the board.

80/20 thinking is important here.

A 20% (Vital Few) approach is 80% OFFENSE. This is FULL-ON press with all the focused intensity we can muster.

This is “Shooting out of the gate” – “Going for broke” – “No holds barred” – “take no prisoners” – “Going for the jugular”

In this 20% posture, the only acceptable result is a WIN!

An 80% (Trivial Many) approach is for the mass of men who lead lives of quiet desperation РAverage, Blasé, mediocre, boring, plain vanilla . . . and defeat.

There’s no room for 80% on a team of champions.

This must be a zero tolerance policy for a team that espouses to be a CHAMPION.

This is a choice . . . not a predestined condition . . . Anyone can do it.

Will you?

Below is my BarrysDriveTime.com video for today.

This offers 2 “learnings” regarding the above from the Nashville Predator’s Hockey team loss last night . . . and Nashville’s Failure to pass the hotly contested Mass Transit Referendum.


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