What the Real Estate Market needs is Signs in Yards

When I have a For Sale sign on a busy street, everyone I know tells me they see my signs EVERYWHERE!

Folks tell me that it’s CLEAR that I am VERY busy because they see my signs so frequently.

It’s the frequency of them seeing THAT sign every time they drive by that triggers their reticular activator – that filter in their brain that filters out all the other stuff, so they see my sign every time they pass it.

Guess what?

Signs in yards beget more signs in yards.

Anyone with even a smidgen of a notion to move in the near or distant future, thinks about that hopeful move every time she drives past a real estate For Sale sign.

If she’s loyal to a particular REALTOR, she’s likely to call that REALTOR soon . . . else, she may call the REALTOR whose sign is in the yard.

This ‘splains why you might see a sign pop up on a street . . . ¬†and a week later, there are 3 signs . . . then 5 . . . and the curious Buyer wonders what the “Neighborhood nuisance ” is that’s causing all of these people to want to sell their houses at the same time?

We Real Estate sales Professionals know that it’s not much more than the power of suggestion that FIRST sign triggered.

This morning, I scoured the MLS for houses to show my Buyer clients with little reward. All I saw in the MLS were “Crusty OLD listings” and nothing more . . . nothing exciting . . . no variety . . . dull . . . BORING.

That’s when it hit me:

What the Real Estate Market needs is MORE Signs in Yards

So . . . C’mon Homeowners, What’r you waiting for?

This is YOUR season!

Who’s going to start this ball rolling?

I’ve got a sign in my car, and it’s begging for me to plant it in a highly visible place (because real estate signs are vain like that).

There’s no shame in being the first . . . That’s LEADERSHIP!


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