What one thing do YOU do?

Are you a self professed “Jack of all trades?”

Perhaps some folks flatter you by saying that you’re a “Renaissance Man/Woman because you seem to have a variety skills and appreciate the finer things?

Something I’ve learned through the years is that there’s great value in the pursuit of doing ONE thing.

Just as your grade school teacher might have told you as she assigned a writing assignment to write the same 10 words 9 times per page for 4 pages because she knew that repetition would hone that skill.

“Diversifying” isn’t always the right move.

If I’m in need of Open Heart Surgery, I want the Doctor who ONLY does Open Heart Surgery.

With that level of specialization, the “doer” gets more efficient through mental and muscle memory and can do most of the Operation without having to think about every move . . . This frees up brain space to be available to pick up on emerging issues and solve them before they become harmful.

About a year ago, my garage door began acting up. Being the renaissance man that I am, I learned that most of those doors have “Universal Parts” (Hinges and rollers) that are available at low cost from the big box hardware stores . . . so I started buying parts and replacing the worn out ones. I figured out that the tension wires were a tad off, so I fiddled with those to even the pull . . . and then one of the panels developed a crack resulting in some structural weakness that was causing it to flex when moving . . . I retrofitted some wood braces to decrease the flex.

The only “tool” that I didn’t use on that door in the past year to keep it alive was duct tape.

Essentially, my tinkering was prolonging the inevitable . . . I knew that I would need a professional to fix it right, and I tricked myself into believing that I could keep it alive all by myself.

One thing I can say with certainty now is . . . When a garage door fails, it’s catastrophically spectacular.

I’m thanking my lucky stars there were no cars in the garage when it gave . . .

Of course, my unprofessional tinkering contributed to it’s demise.

My garage door literally destroyed itself last Saturday, so I needed a new one FAST.
I asked a bunch of REALTORS who they recommend, and more than 1/2 of the responses were “Dixie Door, Inc”
I checked out their website which said:

The Quality You Expect

At Dixie Door, Inc., we do one thing: garage doors. We install, repair, and service residential and commercial garage doors, and after 50 years in the industry, our customers understand why .

With a deep sigh of relief, I made web inquiry – Salesman showed up on time and gave a fair quote – The door was installed next afternoon impeccably.
So . . . I’m tickled pink.
Please do tell me:
What one thing do YOU do?
“The Vital Few” Agents of Pareto Realty each do one thing well . . . Consult with and guide folks in our community through the process of Buying and/or selling their houses.
Give us a holler when you’re in the mood for a move.

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