What keeps us awake at night?

Sleepless, restless nights happen to most of us.

For some folks, what keeps them awake could have a medical reason . . . a mental or physical malady which the right doctor can allay with appropriate treatment.

My suspicion, though, is that the preponderance of sleepless nights happen for reasons that have little to do with a medical prognosis.

Most of it centers around WORRY!

Of course, we all know that worrying is not a productive pursuit which seldom in and of itself improves ANY situation . . . but we do it anyway.

Worry can paralyze even the most diligent performers.

Worry can disable the most adept.

Worry is likely the MOST deleterious emotion.


As we REALTORS work with Home Buyers and Sellers, we (by default) become “Managers of Worry” . . . Ours and the worries of our clients.

I know an agent who gives each of her clients a pill bottle filled with M&Ms and tells them that those M&Ms are “Worry Pills” . . . When the client wakes up in the middle of night in the midst of a freak-out moment relating to their real estate transaction, they should “Take 2 and call their REALTOR in the morning.”

Other agents exercise super-human bravado with the proclamation that the clients should leave ALL the worrying to them (The professionals).

Have you ever seen the Movie The Green Mile?

John Coffey absorbs everyone else’s demons (worries) thereby sacrificing his own well being . . . ending with the manifestation of a torrent of black bugs exiting his mouth en masse at the end . . . a horrifying visual representation of what we ALL do.

So . . . What keeps REALTORS awake at night?

WORRY about:

  • whether the client’s offer will be accepted
  • will the timing work out?
  • will the repairs be completed in time?
  • what financial surprises might show up between now and closing?
  • will the house appraise for the selling price?
  • will the Buyer’s financing be approved?
  • will the lender complete the loan in time for closing?
  • what surprises await the Buyer at the final walk through?
  • will the Seller move out when they’re supposed to?
  • what happens if seller hasn’t disclosed defects?
  • what happens if the economy crashes (again) tomorrow?

Whether the clients know it or not, their REALTOR worries about them and all of the wacky things that could derail the transaction during the process.

Every REALTOR I know, CARES enough to worry themselves sleepless!

It goes with the territory.

So . . . now ya know 🙂

PS . . . I’m betting that EVERYONE in business (which is pretty much EVERYONE) does the same.

Don’t take all the worry on yourself . . . DELEGATE it to others . . . Manage it . . .


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