What just happened? Why?

There are a LOT of moving parts in our lives these days.

The news doesn’t help much, does it?

Just when we think we’ve made it through a crisis, the media finds another one.

Invariably, the analysis by the “experts” and or participants in said drama deteriorates into finger pointing and the “blame game” as everyone begins to search for the WHY.

This avoidance of taking responsibility for what happened is more damaging to trust and confidence than any other piece of the puzzle . . . and without trust and confidence, Leaders cannot lead.

While reading Bill Bryson’s “*A Short History of Nearly Everything”, I stumbled across this golden nugget:

“Lyell believed that the Earth’s shifts were uniform and steady – that everything that had ever happened in the past could be explained by events still going on today.”

Lyell was speaking in geological terms and faced a degree of criticism by his peers because of his denial in the impact (or existence) of the effects of  “Catastrophic Events” in terms of shifting a shaping the planet and causing the series of animal and plant extinctions.

Many years later, Lyell was (and still is) considered to be the originator of some of the most ground breaking thought concerning the formation of the planet for the past several eons.

It all boiled down to the simple truth that the cycle of birth, adolescence, maturity, death . . . Then birth, adolescence, maturity, death . . . and so on and so on RULES and has always ruled in all things.

“Everything is moving” is the only constant.

We are who we are because of everything that’s happened in our lives . . . and all of the people we have known and still know.

The good news is that we have the power of CHOICE.

If you don’t like what just happened and/or how you responded to or participated in what just happened, give yourself and everyone else involved a break.

You’ve just experience the “Birth to death” cycle of an idea or a project or a job or a relationship and you absolutely have the power and the responsibility to choose to accept and acknowledge your role in the mayhem (maintaining the trust and confidence of the people in your life) . . .

and you can choose to move FORWARD with the birth of NEW.

Every day . . . When you wake up in the morning . . . After thanking God for letting you live another day . . . Say THIS to yourself:

“TODAY is just as good a day as any to start something NEW you’ve been thinking about starting”

and then just go do it 🙂

Just sayin’

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