What is Mental Toughness?   

How do you deal with it all?

Day in and day out, we all journey along with myriad surprises along the way.

Some of these surprises are fun – some are excruciatingly frustrating – some are exuberantly off the charts MARVELOUS – some are sad – some are HAPPY . . . and None are expected.

HERE’S THE KICKER – All of the above could happen in the span of an hour.

Each of us has our own coping mechanisms ranging from fight to flight.

In my experience, neither flight nor flight prove to be constructive.

We know that we must engage and work through whatever it is . . . Denial doesn’t work because issues unaddressed fester and loom larger as time passes, and belligerence just – well – seldom ever leads to palatable resolution.

This is true for all of us all the time whether we’re in our personal or professional realms.

We must be mentally “Tough” and resilient.

What’s coming at us (and EVERYTHING is coming at us FAST these days) can turn on a dime in a split second.

We learn toughness through our ability to maintain perspective.

In the grand scheme of things, this issue is not much more than a blip – a flash in the pan . . . and these are the moments that create our stories in the future.


Pause for a moment it’s all good stuff – Reflect – Savor – Celebrate!

When the surprises are unpleasant, Pause – Reflect – Digest – BREATHE and resolve to continue forward.

I said more about this in today’s Drive Time Video

(I broadcast these every working day on Facebook LIVE between 7-8 AM)

Keep on doing that great work that you do every day!

I’m proud of ya!~


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