What did I miss?

I hope you took good notes.

Will you share them with me?

I had a schedule conflict, so I could not be there.

I really wanted to come, but . . .


Let me see if I have this right.

The event was announced 3 months ago.

You were excited about it and registered immediately.

In fact, you are the one who encouraged ME to register.

Didn’t you have it on your calendar?



It was on my calendar, but something came up.

I see!

Something more important came up, Eh?

I’ll scan my notes and sent them to you.


Thanks for the Notes! I received them, but they don’t make any sense.

Can we meet sometime, so you can tell me everything?



(Out of character now)

Which of these 2 people are you?

If you’re the one who attended the session, do you feel obligated to drop everything you are doing so you can convey all of the information you learned? Is there ANY chance that you could offer a rendition that holds a candle to the information, tone, dynamic, and feel of the real thing? At best, you can offer a one dimensional point of view of whatever happened at the event.

There are 2 things you must do for an optimal human experience:

Thing 1: Show up!

Thing 2: Be Present!

Failing to do either of these 2 things results in missed opportunity.

psst . . . If you show up, and fiddle with your cell phone the entire time, you’re not present.

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