What are your favorite Digital Tools?

Every time I think I’ve found the BEST Tech Tools, someone tells me about others.

For sure, we could all make a full time pursuit of staying on the bleeding edge of technology.

Of course, as with all things, there is a line of demarcation over which the benefits of adopting new technology provides diminishing returns. Just ask any economist you know.

Where’s that fine line?

Most folks have settled on the tech tools they’ve used for years without much thought as to what better tools might be out there waiting to be discovered. After all, it’s oh-so-comfortable and safe not to rock the boat . . . if it ain’t broken, why fix it, eh?

Yeah! We don’t like change, and the “learning curve” of installing new technology represents pain that we most often choose to avoid at all costs . . . even the cost of denying ourselves the benefit of enhanced performance leading to higher efficiency and thereby potentially reaping the reward of getting more stuff done with less effort.

Are you that person cutting that tree with a hand saw while your neighbor fires up a chain saw and completes the task in a fraction of the time and effort?

I’m relatively “Cutting Edge” (not quite bleeding edge), and am a “noticer” of new tech tools. I’m always on the look-out. When I see something new and different show up, I do what Joe Stumpf told me to do many years ago . . . Test EVERYTHING!

Most of the Internet Digital Tools make this “discovery” process relatively barrier free in the form of “Live Demos” . . . and “30 day free trials” (Free as long as you remember to cancel it after the trial period).

How I determine if this tool is one I want to add to my repertoire boils down to “gut feeling” with the primary instinctive response to the question:

What is the possible “Opportunity cost” of adopting this new technology in terms of Time, Energy, and Money?

Will the pain of adopting this tool outweigh the benefit?

In a few moments, I will be heading to The Greater Nashville REALTORS to facilitate our bi-monthly session known as the “Small Broker Roundtable” for Principal Brokers with 50 or fewer agents. Each of these meetings is our opportunity to “hang out” with each other and share and learn with each other.

I always publish a “Theme” . . . and prepare an agenda (which we seldom follow).

So . . . Why would I prepare an agenda that we seldom follow?

I smile as I type with the truth that violating the sanctity of the pre-planned agenda is a “Guilty Pleasure” we all enjoy.

In this way, we get the business relating to the theme done, AND we then do more than we ever would had we stuck with the written agenda.

Today, we are exploring “All things digital”, and went even more rogue with this agenda . . . On the surface, it has all the right bullet points on a one-page agenda . . . followed by a veritable pandora’s box of @ 150 “Tech Tools” for our businesses in virtually every segment of our operations.

When the participants arrive, they will receive a card with 2 questions:

Your Favorite Digital Tool______________________________?

Most frustrating Digital Challenge________________________?

What are YOUR answers?

PS – If you would like to receive this agenda and list of tech tools along with any others we discover in our meeting, connect with me, and I’ll email it to you Barry@ParetoRealty.com

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