What are the odds that “Marketing” will build your business?

How many marketing messages do you think the average American see EVERY DAY?

Have you ever considered this?

I googled it . . . Here’s what I found: “The average American is exposed to 247 commercial messages each day.”
Consumer Reports Website


Humor me and try this little experiment. Pause your reading of this post and look around you. Count every THING within your range of vision . . . every THING that is not nailed down . . . from the smallest to the largest . . . I’m sitting in my favorite chair in my living room with a partial view of the kitchen . . . I got 234 and the room is not “cluttered”- Over whelming

When you wake up tomorrow morning, COUNT every THING you DO for the first 30 minutes of the day.

With ALL of that “NOISE” in the background, how much space is left in your brain for paying attention to any marketing message that you are not seeking? If you’re in the market for a new car, your reticular activator will filter out all other marketing messages and you will ONLY notice ads for new cars.

So . . .

Do you rely on marketing to fuel your business?

If so . . . how is YOUR marketing message going to show up (get noticed)? What is it about your message that will cause your audience to READ it . . . and then take action?

How much money did you spend on this marketing and what was the return? Is it paying for itself? Can you tie any DIRECT business results to your marketing?

If not . . . Why are you doing it?

Is it an ego trip? Do you just do it so you can see yourself on that Billboard every day as you drive to office . . . or on that grocery cart every time you shop for food . . . or on the pharmacy bag when you buy your prescriptions?

Are you doing it to please your customers or clients? Many REALTORS admit that their display ads in the local newspapers and magazines have ZERO return, but they do them because they are hard evidence (for the seller) that they are doing SOMETHING to market the property.

I don’t buy marketing that doesn’t work.

I believe that any money I spend should be an INVESTMENT . . . not so much that it always yields a financial return as that it “does its job”. I buy a couch for comfort, aesthetic appeal, durability . . . I buy a car to take me places reliably . . . I go to a restaurant for the ambiance, the food taste and consistency, and convenience . . . If the return (experience) I get doesn’t meet my needs, I “fire” it and invest my money elsewhere.

Same thing with marketing.

so . . . How DO you bring business to your business?

Begin with knowing whose wants and needs your business has the best chance of fulfilling.


Now consider WHERE this customer is?

How does your customer prefer to communicate?

Now . . . Knowing all of the above . . . What ACTION can you take to bring your business within the range of view for this customer?

this action may include some component of marketing . . . but that’ll never work in a big way unless you lead with a serious dose of intentional and DIRECT interpersonal communication. You’ve gotta dive into their pond and swim with them, or you’re just another one of those “247 commercial messages each day”.

I’m just sayin’



OBTW – ummm . . . This message also applies to personal relationships 🙂

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