we’re all just juggling

Go ahead and admit that you’re a juggler!

IN the literal sense, a juggler keeps more than one ball (or object) in the air at a time and gives the observer the illusion that he has some mystical multi-tasking ability.

the reality of this act act is that the juggler is only touching one ball at a time for a brief moment and then tossing it back into the air.

We all do this in a figurative sense . . . and the ones who do it best understand that this is NOT an act of multi-tasking. We’ve simply learned a rhythm of sequencing that allows us to single task very efficiently – We touch – Release – touch – Release . . . and only fumble when our rhythm breaks either due to a distraction or to the sudden appearance of addition balls.

I thought of this today as I developed this rhythm of my own.

  • Gather thoughts and prioritize what needs doing for the day
  • Grab a File and give it my complete, undivided, FOCUS – make a few relevant calls/emails – handle any paperwork that needs handling and move on . . .
  • Grab another file . . .
  • Make a Call . . .
  • Take a short walk-about . . .
  • Grab another file . . .
  • Take a call . . .

This rhythm is intentional and INTENSE because of the sheer commitment to FOCUS and be fully present with every touch.

I know that if I allow distractions . . . or open more than one file at a time . . . I’m going to fumble . . . I’ll file papers in the wrong files and I’ll miss important details in my communication with clients . . . Unacceptable!

there are plenty of business coaches and Mentors out there who proselytize about the importance of FOCUS . . . but how many teach you the “art of juggling?” (there’s a  great book by that name that unpacks these ideas much better than I do in a single post).

The key word in ALL of it for me RHYTHM.

October 10 is the first session of a workshop I facilitate that I call “Life Rhythm”

We dig deep into who we are, who we want to be, goals, roles, aspirations . . . then we learn about Budgeting Time, energy, and Money . . . and then we work on developing some good HABITS to help us be more productive as we work in and on our businesses . . . After some “finishing work” on ourselves, we close with somewhat of a “practicum” . . . Everyone leaves the room with all the tools necessary to create a smooth life rhythm.

So . . . Wanna learn how to juggle?

Show up on October 10, and let’s get this party started 🙂

PS . . . My primary business is the multifaceted real estate sales profession . . . In every aspect of working with Home Buyers and Sellers, Other REALTORS, and of the myriad other people who touch every transaction, this concept of rhythm is essential.

If you’re in the mood for a move, give me a call and let’s find a good rhythm.

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