We could get killed by bullet points

My “Open Space Friend” Paul Levy is brilliant.

He said the title of this post.

With great efficiency, his stream of consciousness thoughts go places most other minds cannot conceive.

He says cool stuff like: “Noticing all the versions of me.”

I feel refreshed after every conversation with Paul because he pretty much shreds the concept that everything must be ordered and intricately planned to be of use.

My Father Harrison Owen often chimes in with “The reality is that nothing of significant value happens according to the plan”, yet we all plan because we’ve been programmed to be planners.

Some folks make it their life pursuit to plan and seldom get around to actually DOING anything.

These are VERY smart people!

Their presentations are mesmerizing with their elaborately displayed bullet point lists of bullet points.

We’re impressed but not inspired.

Those things of significant value Dad mentions begin with inspiration . . . a passion for a creation or a change that’s important and relevant . . . and graduate from inspiration to invitation.

“Hey! I’ve got a GREAT idea! Who would you like to join me on this adventure of figuring out how to make it happen?”

Indubitably, the right people will show up with enthusiasm which can only be stifled by too much . . . planning.

Set it free, and see what happens.

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