We are ALL “Writers”

I met Charlie for the first time 5 weeks ago and sat with him and his wife, and we 3 explored possibilities for them as they considered buying their next house.

Charlie was a strong man with a keen wit, and I remember him describing the house of his dreams (with a wink) knowing that it was not practical. His health was failing, and he knew that they would need to buy a zero maintenance house . . . not the house in the country on a lake that he wanted.

A week after our meeting, Charlie learned that he was in advanced stages of cancer . . . 3 days after Christmas, Charlie died peacefully . . . Today was the Celebration of his life which included lots of music and interesting stories about Charlie.

The Pastor had an analogy which I feel compelled to share because it rings true for all of us and offers a perspective that affirms our individual purpose here on Earth.

We are ALL “Writers”

Each moment we write our own lives, and those folks who are part of our story are those who we invite . . . and they are the right people.

Each day is a page – Each week is a segment – Each Month a Paragraph – Each Year a chapter.

We are composers – WRITERS – of the story of our lives.

and when we die, we will have written the final chapter.

As Charlie so poignantly demonstrated . . . None of us knows when that final chapter is to be written.

So . . . It’s best to write the best story we can muster each and every moment . . . to LIVE!

Keep on writing . . . We’re all reading 🙂

Thank you Charlie – Welcome to the River & RIP!


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