Walking the talk and practicing what we preach . . .

OK Folks!

It’s time for some good ol’fashioned preachin’ to the choir.

Let’s get as real as we can get WRT being authentic in everything we say and do.

If you are reading this blog post, I’m going to make the assumption that you are a Leader who is interested in improving your life and the lives of everyone with whom you engage.

Yesterday, I participated in a full day of EO Forum training as we enter the 2nd phase of the Catalyst 6 Program.

My expectations of the day were relatively low given my state of mind having recently endured 2 weeks of sickness (flu) and a veritable barrage of “things going bonkers” in my business development for Pareto Realty.

Truthfully, I dreaded a full day of “CLASSES” . . . but I did the right thing for myself and showed up at 7:30.

Without going into details, I will report to you that through the course of the day in the presence of 38 other brilliant Entrepreneurs, my mindset shifted 180 degrees, and I left the room at 4:30 with a completely new attitude.

On the morning drive this morning, I was thinking about this and wondering how yesterday could have been SO transformative. After all, I entered that room with very low energy, marginal self-esteem, and the motivation of slug . . . This is often the plight of an entrepreneur . . . Sometimes, we slog along without seeing results for what seems like LONG periods of time.

This morning I realized that being in the company of a whole passel of other entrepreneurs in a confidential and safe environment space opened the flood gates of possibilities.

As we all shared our experiences and trials and tribulations and offered support and wisdom to each other, I realized that we were all “preachin’ to the choir” and the underlying salve always boiled down to authenticity . . . that is . . . practicing what we are preaching.

Where the rubber hits the road is the degree to which we walk our talk . . . Theory is awesome, but we must DO!

My HUGE AHA is that I am a great coach and accountability partner for sales/business professionals . . . and (Bless my heart), I KNOW what it takes to succeed WRT to building a strong and efficient work regimen that will deliver phenomenal results . . . BUT I often fall short of holding myself to the same standards as I hold my mentees.

I’m in deep tapioca now because I can no longer get away with compromising my own standards because I am now accountable to 7 other entrepreneurial geniuses who will not let me off the hook.

All of this to say that I’ve been BUSTED and am now facing accountability like never before in my life.

As frightening as this is, I must say that I am relieved.

Look out world . . . I and Pareto Realty are going to accomplishing some pretty A.M.A.Z.I.N.G things in 2017.


On the chance you are a REALTOR or are considering Buying or Selling a house anywhere in Nashville or Middle Tennessee, I invite you to connect with me to learn about how we – The Vital Few members of Pareto Realty are not like the others . . . Our commitment is to build a company that provides all the best tools and processes for our sales agents to serve their home buying and selling clients impeccably.


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