Vital Nashville – Save November 4

YOU are invited . . . 

A full day Consortium during which many of Middle Tennessee’s greatest Local Business Leaders and thinkers will come together to explore issues and opportunities we are all facing.



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We are Riding a Wave of Transformation as the National, Regional. State, and Local Economic and Political environment morphs daily.

This volatile environment provides myriad challenges for the Local Business owner.

We believe that our best defense against all of these external forces is a unified effort (a great, PROACTIVE offense) . . .

Taking appropriate ACTION is VITAL for survival:

  • Safety in numbers – Building stronger networks of people
  • Open Channels of communication
  • Focusing on LOCAL support of LOCAL businesses
  • Staying tuned in to Proposed Legislation that affects all of us
  • Encouraging economic GROWTH
  • Inviting other businesses into our area
  • Creating a HEALTHY and SAFE living environment
  • “Green” considerations
  • Considering any “Weak Links” (Metro Schools)
  • Strengthening COMMUNITIES (Neighborhoods)

Together we can positively move things forward by “owning” our challenges and tackling them head on.

Nashville has a diverse, vibrant, and robust business climate.

How can we improve?

What MORE can we do?

What are we doing now that we should do less of in the future?

Where from here?

Our promise to all participants in the event:

“If you show up with something on your mind . . . a topic relating to our “Vital Nashville” theme . . .you WILL have the opportunity to discuss this topic with other professionals who share your passion for finding solutions.

What we need to pull this off:

  • Integrated into this event is a “trade show“. Local Businesses can “Buy” space in this trade show and peddle their wares throughout the event . . . all the while enjoying FULL ACCESS for participating in the sessions . . . .
  • LOCATION – We are still considering our options. We suspect that we’ll have 300ish participants and will need a large space for a Main meeting room (and trade show) as well as @ 8 smaller “break-out spaces” . . . Contact Barry Owen 615-568-2123 for details
  • Food and Beverage – any restaurants interested in showcasing their culinary delights?
  • PARTICIPANTS – Pareto Realty is a residential real estate firm. We will be promoting this event to other Real Estate Firms and inviting real estate professionals and vendors who support real estate professionals (Lenders, Title Companies, Inspectors etc) . . . ANY local business owners and professionals are welcomed . . . More diversity is better
  • MUSIC – We’ll have opportunities for LIVE music at the mid-day break and the “after-Party”

Please save the date and REGISTER HERE!

If you are interested in reserving a Trade Show space contact us NOW

Know of a local business you think should know about this event? Pass this invitation along.

Invite other local Business owners and professionals to attend.

and YES . . . Politicians are welcome 🙂



Pareto Realty is the manifestation of a very clear vision.

Home for “The Vital Few” . . .

Our name origin comes from Vilfredo Pareto who derived the 20/80 Principle in the early 1900s . . . We are most interested in being the 20% (vital few) who produce the 80%.

Fueled by pure passion for creating the quintessential firm for Real Estate Professionals whose goals include personal and professional PERFORMANCE at a high level.

We are bringing together a tasty blend of high technology, sophisticated marketing, Performance oriented training and consulting, and superior (FUN) office environment . . . all the while never taking our eyes off the fundamental balance of “Live, Work, & Play”

We are committed to supporting our community through a variety of OPEN events engineered to keep people TALKING and MASTERMINDING around the issues and opportunities we face as we all ride this wave of transformation.

We promote and support locally owned and operated businesses . . .

and we are indefatigable as we serve the needs of our Real Estate Clients –

We believe Home Buyers and Sellers hold the key to economic recovery.

Published by Barry Owen

Residential Real Estate sales Strategist Search - Analysis - Negotiation - CLOSED Inviter-Facilitator-Practicer of Open Space Technology Opening safe space for people & organizations to self-organize around issues & opportunities Invite-Listen-Love

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