Vilfredo Pareto and the 20/80 Principle

My first check of email this morning included a notification from Twitter that @italianre is now following me. Because the roots of Pareto Realty derive from early 1900’s Italy . . . and I have an interest in learning more about these roots . . . I followed them back and checked out their website Looks like a cool on-line place to find some less “mainstream” ways to see Italy.

That got me thinking. Just over 6 months ago, I opened Pareto Realty, LLC with a grand vision . . . That vision continues to take shape . . . We have accomplished SO much in those few months and are poised now to establish a more substantial office.

Wherever that office is to be, I want it to honor our heritage . . . and the pledge to focus more on what matters (The Vital Few) as we choose the space, the decor, and the layout.

No time better than now to begin to find some more clarity on Vilfredo Pareto’s life . . . Thankfully, he wasn’t a prude. He comes from a Genoan family which was exiled from Italy – to Geneva where he lived most of his life. Vilfredo was an eclectic dude with great depth of knowledge and curiosity. He also wasn’t “just an Italian Economist” . . . He was an intrepid explorer . . . and questioner . . . and researcher. Here’s what Wiki says:

and about his “hometown” Genoa

We’re gonna have some real fun putting all this together to create a great environment for our Associates and their clients. For sure, we will be in exile (as we stretch the boundaries of “different”) yet we know that this is what we must do to serve at the level we feel compelled to serve.

Someone asked me the other day to say more about what “the Vital Few” means . . . I can only answer that we are still discovering . . . and will continue to discover . . . and those who dare to join us may face the possibility of exile . . . all the while taking comfort in the knowledge that we are Intentionally focus on what MATTERS in service to others.

Just sayin’



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