Unleashing YOUR IDeaVirus

Good morning!

I’m a believer that 2011 holds a LOT of promise for being a great year for all of us . . .

There’s a caveat, though . . . It ain’t going to be easy.

There is NO more important time than NOW for all of us to communicate and share and take advantage of EVERY opportunity we see to LEARN and network with others in our industry.

Seth Godin offers some fantastic ideas in his book “Unleashing the IdeaVirus” . . . I summarized my favorite golden nuggets in this blog post Monday Morning Coffee – “Unleashing The Ideavirus”

At the risk of overwhelm, I offer you the following FREE opportunities for education and networking in the coming weeks and months. I hope you will consider joining as many as you can squeeze into your calendar 🙂

Lunch & Learn events – ALWAYS FREE & informative – 11:30 AM 

Just click the links to RSVP or email me

I am totally open to new vendors – Contact me if you know of someone who might want to host one of these Lunch & Learn events.

Other notable events . . .

Pareto Realty is a locally owned and operated real estate firm with focus on achieving HIGH PERFORMANCE in Life – and establishing a smooth life rhythm. If you are a performance oriented Real Estate Professional looking for a higher level of accountability, let’s talk.

Last word: I expect to be announcing soon the opening of Pareto Reserve . . . a “sister company” to Pareto Realty, LLC . . . Pareto Reserve will offer licensees thinking about retiring their license a way to continue to receive (LEGALLY) referral fees from sales originating from their database – Call me for details!

I’m just sayin’



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