Unfriend As The Demise of Commitment

“Commitment Issues” complicate.

Folks who are not willing to commit are considered to be “Wishy Washy” – Flakey – Unreliable – Unpredictable . . . Unwilling to take responsibility.

In fact, it might be said that without a measure of commitment, you stand for . . . NOTHING!

Facebook’s a fun place to hang out.

One of the best things about it for some people is that they can say just about anything and get away with it. In any given day, I can read posts that brag of SUPER-HERCULEAN accomplishments (“I wrote 17 offers and worked with 7 Buyers today and STILL had time for a Massage and Pedicure.”)

Some drop incendiary posts just to see the fights that ensue . . . maybe brash political innuendos or shockingly non PC comments.

We can all play these games from anywhere with our smartphones and pads without ostensible recourse.

If anyone gets out of hand or particularly obnoxious, we can simply delete them from our lives using the simple tool of the “Unfriend” upon which they magically DISAPPEAR.

How refreshing is THAT?

there’s a problem though (IMHO).

This fantasy world seems to be blending into the real world in some disturbing ways.

Simple things like integrity, commitment, Constructive dialog, and promise keeping are beginning to pale.

Some relationships remain shallow . . . perhaps from some new-found pathological fear of being unfriended.

God forbid that anyone get to know who you REALLY are because they may not like THAT you as well as they like your on-line you.

I see this also playing out in mysterious ways in some real estate transactions. It is the “Shallowness that comes with unwillingness to take responsibility” that is most damaging.”

In every Real estate transaction, there are MANY people who make significant life plans based on the terms of a contractual agreement. Everyone is COMMITTED by a legally binding contract to do certain things (Cooperate with the lender and perform within the timelines as defined) . . .

and every once in a while we encounter a Buyer or seller who randomly decides to “Unfriend” the deal with no worries about recourse.


Don’t let a propensity for unfriending  scar your reputation.

Know what you stand for . . . and resolutely COMMIT to building stronger and deeper relationships.

Herein lies the secret to saving the world.


Published by Barry Owen

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