Under new management!

When a restaurant or store posts “Under New Management” on their sign . . .

Is that a good thing?

what’s it communicating to us?

Is it necessary?

Why not just carry on with business?

Certainly, the new owner/Manager will make changes, hopefully for the better.

Most customers won’t know and won’t CARE unless:

  • Service and/or quality were bad, and the new owner is improving
  • Service and/or quality were GREAT, and the new owner is degrading
  • The PEOPLE who serve them are affected

The truth is that every business’ succeeds by hiring the right people to deliver great service and consistent quality.

Improve service, quality, and people and odds are good that sales will increase.

So . . . I guarantee that new ownership WILL result in change in all 3 of these categories.

My inquiring mind is thinking these thoughts because I think “Under New Management” on the sign communicates to me one of the following 2 messages:

  • The former owner did a bad job, and the new owner wants to let the world know that things are going to get better.
  • The new owner needs to see that on the sign to feed his ego.

Regardless . . . I wonder why do it at all?

Simply deliver your promise and prosper

Published by Barry Owen

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