Ultimate Gift Card Idea . . .

I’m not a big fan of gift cards.

Not to say I’m not appreciative when I receive one.

I think the advent of the gift card happened as people got more and more materialistic, and the giver just doesn’t have a clue what the receiver really wants.

so . . . we give a gift card, so the receiver of the card can go out and buy the “perfect gift.”

My philosophical conflict is that if it really true that “It’s the thought that counts,” then doesn’t the gifting merit more thought? . . . Even at the risk of not buying the PERFECT gift?

Maybe I’m over-thinking this.

There’s another side of this that bugs me a bit.

How many of us need one more thing to do in our lives?

Do you need more things to do and more things to keep track of?

When you receive a gift card, you suddenly have another thing to do (go to the place to redeem the card) and another thing to keep track of (The card itself).

What do you suppose the odds are that many gift cards given are never redeemed?

Having said all of the above, I have an idea which isn’t for everyone but (I think) is a FABULOUS low (Up-Front) cost for a gift card for someone you love.

  • This card will have the benefit of being a “Participative Gift” . . . You get to participate in the redemption process.
  • The card will have potential for HUGE, POSITIVE, Life influence/change.
  • The card will have potential for creating a nice financial up-side – an investment!
  • The card will help the receiver face an issue that’s been brewing for (potentially) YEARS!

Ready for the unveiling?

What IS this magical gift card?

A Gift Card for a NEW HOUSE!

As I said above, this is not a gift for everyone . . . but if you and your significant other have been dreaming about a new house, this is a golden opportunity for you to get the ducks in order . . . take care of the financial details . . . and present a gift card for a house valued at $x00,000.

The fine print on the back of the card will have the disclaimer that the card recipient must participate in the house search process with the giver 🙂

The “Getting the ducks in order” part simply requires connecting with a couple of co-conspirators:

Your Local Real Estate Sales Professional

Your Local Mortgage Loan Professional 

If you’re in Middle TN, I and my team at Pareto Realty are masterful co-conspirators, and there’s plenty of time to get this thing in order before Christmas Day.

There ya have it . . . For the rest of your life, you’ll be famous for giving the BEST GIFT CARD EVER!

Just sayin’



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