Transform yourself in 2014

Seth Godin got my attention in a blog post he wrote a few days ago.

He opened with:

If I could suggest just one thing you could do that would transform how 2014 goes for you, it would be this:

Pick three

There’s something about 2014 that I think has “Exceptional Potential” . . . Seriously! I’m not sure why, but I am more excited about 2014 than I have been about ANY year.

For sure, the economy and the real estate market in Middle Tennessee are exciting in and of themselves. It seems there’s new notoriety every week about all that’s happening here, and that’s translating into significant growth (which some people are not all that keen about).

There are a few sayings that come to mind:

  • “Get while the gettin’s good!”
  • “The Early bird gets the worm!”
  • “Opportunity knocks but once!”
  • “Make hay while the sun’s shining!”

and the zinger of’m all:

  • “The definition of insanity is doing all the same things and expecting different results”

Every year (actually every moment), we have the choice to continue with “the way we do things around here” or to shake things up and effect change which might (or might not) lead to some pretty fantastic results.

Most of us won’t choose to shake things up because that’s DANGEROUS – RISKY – SCARY – UNCERTAIN . . . TOMFOOLERY!

Others – The Vital Few, think Carpe Diem – Seize the day – and will do whatever it takes to be certain that each day we are better than before . . . and closer to realization of our dreams.

Seth Godin’s  Pick three invites us to “Choose (3) people who care about you and what you produce.” . . . and to intimately include these folks in our “design” for personal success by gifting each of them the 3 books that have been most influential in our lives.

In this way, we are opening a window to our souls to the very people in the world who are most likely to push us, cheer-lead us, support us, and celebrate with us as we propel our way through way-points towards our dreams/goals.

I’m thinking . . . Who are those 3 people in my life?

and What are the 3 books?

I so much like Seth Godin’s use of the word TRANSFORM that I’m doing this . . . January 1, I’ll be ready.

Just think how much of a difference in this world we could all make if we were to intentionally “Transform how 2014 goes?”

That’s some powerful stuff!

Better yet – In addition to gifting your 3 books to just 3 people, how ’bout commenting to this post with your 3 books . . . and collectively, we’ll get this party started writ LARGE.

Let me know how it goes . . .

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