Don’t shun tradition!
Create Tradition! . . . Carry it on!
Enhance it . . . Honor its origin!
Know that “Traditions” are the legacies of those who have gone before us.
When it’s time to “practice” the tradition, it’s also time for some great story telling.
That pile of raw baby-back ribs in the above picture is the “fuel” for my family’s Christmas Eve FEAST tradition. I slow cook as many racks of ribs as our oven can hold (18) . . . 50ish pounds.
and we invite anyone who cares to stop by for a bone or 2 throughout the afternoon.
Our tradition of doing the cooking and inviting has resulted in some new traditions for many of the folks who come every year.
We love some of the stories: one Dad sneaks away from his house “To go to the store” and runs over to our house for a few bones and then returns home smelling “smoked” with BBQ sauce on his lips and a guilty look.
So . . . Make your own traditions each season . . . and invite others.
that’s what it’s all about 🙂
If you’re in our neighborhood on Christmas Eve, stop in for a few bones.
Merry Christmas!
I’ll pause my whole world for 2 days to practice as many Christmas traditions as possible . . . Then . . . back to our tradition of quintessentially serving the needs of home Buyers and sellers in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

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