Too many balls in the air?

Time Blocking might be your salve.

So . . . How many hats do you wear?




Sales Professional

Business Builder

How do you find enough time in the day to get it all done?

Most people DON”T!

Instead they live a life of fighting brush fires . . . Knock one fire down (but not extinguish it) and jump to the next one . . . and while you’re knocking that one down, another one bursts into flames . . . While you’re shifting focus to THAT one, the first one flares up anew . . . and so on and so on . . .


A better way might be schedule the week such that we intentionally focus on each hat (role) for “enough” time frequently enough that few fires flares.

When I was training Servers in a restaurant, I taught the “Magic trick” to keeping ALL of their customers happy . . . Simple as pie.

EVERY time you walk through the restaurant, physically TOUCH every one of your tables. This forces every server to attend to diners’ needs before they’re urgent.

So we time block . . .

30 minutes first thing every morning for planning the day

2 hours of lead generation and “client work” in the office

1 hour of catching up on paperwork and emails and social media

an hour and a half for self-time or lunch with a friend

Appointments in the afternoon

On afternoons that don’t have appointments, tackle projects.

So . . . try it . . . I think you’ll like the results.


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