“Too Busy”

“Too Busy” is a great excuse for dropping balls.

Sort of a justification . . .

“It’s really OK that I dropped those balls, I was TOO busy.”

Ah yes!

Similar to “Slipped through the cracks . . . ”

Does that make everything better?

Is it REALLY OK that those balls dropped . . . and does this dismissive apology salve the affront?

Our responsibility to clients, bosses, friends, family, pets, and ourselves is to manage our priorities such that we bite only what we can chew.

Of course, we goof sometimes and get overwhelmed . . . and drop balls . . . We ALL do it.

For those who NEVER do it, perhaps they aren’t juggling ENOUGH balls . . .

Push yourself.

Just don’t fall into that trap of trivializing dropped balls just because you’re “Too Busy!”

Your peeps deserve better


Published by Barry Owen

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