Tomorrow’s talk . . .

I have 15 minutes to present to a group of @ 50 Local Business Professionals.

I was asked to give a talk about “The State of the Nashville Real Estate Market”

I think best while blogging . . . so here goes (I’m going to have to talk FAST because I think I have a lot to say).


– How do you like this LOCAL business environment?

– I’m a REALTOR and Real Estate Firm Founder and Owner, and the one thing I know for SURE is that Real Estate is a LOCAL business – We all have to keep reminding ourselves of this.


– The population of REALTORS in Nashville has fallen (40%ish) in the past few years . . . Next REALTOR you see, give him/her a hug

– How are we surviving?

– We are doing what we’ve ALWAYS done – Village “Connectors”

We are still helping folks with their quality of life decisions (Where to live) . . . Divorce, Death, Up-size, Down-size, bankruptcy, foreclosure

and we are COOPERATING with each other – VERY FEW Ethics issuses

VERY strong Associations (World Class)

World class MLS –

– Real Estate Sales is the world’s 2nd oldest profession

As long as humans have been around, there’s been a need for housing

So . . . the market tanked . . . and I opened a new real estate firm


Nothing else was working . . . It was time to INNOVATE

The State of the market . . .

EVERYTHING is MOVING – Just when we think we’ve “got it” something changes

– this Spring market is ALIVE

We are BUSY

We are working harder than EVER (averaging 3+ offers per Transaction)

Values are recovering – slowly – but recovering

Seeing some multiple offer scenarios as inventory begins to dwindle

Condos – Gulch – Highrises – Shortage

New Construction:

  • In-fill
  • Rehab (12 south)
  • Products (Smaller/Urban with garages)
Short Sales
Foreclosures REO
The state of the market?
  • and SLOW
  • Great time to Buy
  • Great time to Sell
  • for the right people
  • REALTORS help folks with the process of navigating all of the above . . .
  • So home buyers and sellers can make good decisions
Nashville’s Economic Development
  • Property Tax changes
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Healthy Living
  • Mass Transit
  • Convention Center
  • Titans
  • Predators
What are we doing about it”
  • R to R Networking
  • Reaching out to community
  • RPAC – Getting involved with Legislative issues
  • Habitat – Building a house every year
  • Masterminds
  • Training CE
  • Supporting Schools
  • Doing what we’ve ALWAYS done
  • Cheerleading

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