To Stage or not to Stage . . .

I think there are a lot of myths about Home Staging.

The most dangerous one (IMHO) is: “every REALTOR can stage a house” . . . If that were true, every listing out there would be perfectly staged.

Another myth might be: “It’s not worth the price!

Another might be: “all a Seller’s gotta do is price the house to SELL and that staging won’t make a difference.”

I believe all of these to be untruths.

Most REALTORS are best at their primary function – Delivering a smooth process for a home buyer/Seller . . . and best serve their clients by leveraging themselves with trained professionals for different components of the process.

Most of the top REALTORS I know hire professional photographers for their House photos, professional maintenance folks for repairs . . . etc . . . and don’t even attempt to do these things themselves so they can stay focused on the intricacies of “quarterbacking” the marketing and the transaction.

I always know when I walk into a house that’s been staged by trained, professional Home Stager . . . and when I do, I know that it’ll be a house that sells sooner than the competition.

This Wednesday – Feb 1 – @ 10 AM, you’re invited to explore many ways to position a house quintessentially to outshine all other listings on the market.

@ 11 AM – We’ll have the good fortune of hearing from a trained Staging Professional (who will also be bringing in LUNCH) .

“Centered Staging was founded by Michelle Cox, certified Home Staging and Redesign Expert. With an eye for design, a degree in Psychology, and a passion for real estate, Michelle collaborates easily with homeowners and realtors to transform awkward spaces into beautiful ones.”

Hmmm . . . a Stager with a degree in Psychology . . . Sounds like a plan 🙂

Visit Centered Staging on the net . . .

Facebook: Business Page

Website: Centered Staging – Home Staging and Re-Design

or BETTER . . . Join us Feb 1 @ 10 AM

Just contact me to save your seat in the room (Seating is limited to 15)






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