Time compression yields miracles

An astounding number of football games are won in the final 2 minutes.
The day before you go on vacation, you can do 3 days worth of work . . . without breaking a sweat.
When in school, your best papers were those you hammered out in the wee hours of the morning on the due date.
There are SO many more examples of the super-human capabilities of people and teams in a time crunch.
First – Why do we squander all of that time pre-crunch time with average or below average performance thereby forcing us to pull off a miracle in the end?
What’s the matter with us?
Wouldn’t life be better/smoother if we just upped our game during our normal course of operation?
Maybe we like the adrenaline rush we get from living on the edge.
Maybe we do these things so we can be the HEROES to our Fans and Clients. This gives us those bragging rights for pulling of a miracle.
Of course if we fail to deliver the miracle, we LOSE . . . and we relegate it to the not newsworthy “just another loss – better luck next time”.
While all this hero/miracle stuff is exciting, I’m here to advocate a safer and more stable way.
Let’s consider committing to focused intensity while at work.
Yep! We begin each period of work with a viable game plan to accomplish the goal . . .
Then we get our heads in the game, and we GO!
We all know this works because we’ve all done it before and experienced those magical “Flow Days” when everything seemed to happen just as it should.
I am a believer that we could all enjoy more of these flow days if we were to approach each and every work more intentionally . . . with purpose.
The best part is the by-products – We accomplish more with less effort . . . less stress . . . and more Happiness!

THIS is the stuff we explore in our Life Rhythm workshops 1st Tuesday of every Monday @ 10-Noon.
If you’re in Nashville and would like to attend, connect with me, and I’ll send you the details.

Published by Barry Owen

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