Thriving in a Raplex environment of CHANGE! How long can you afford to be WRONG?

The brew has been spoilt!

“It took me about five minutes to change my mind, after eighteen months of being wrong. I still remember how it felt to feel that flip switch in my head.”

See the rest of the POst by Seth Godin here: What does it sound like when you change your mind?

This quote has caused me to write this blog post about a paradigm shift I see happening about which I believe most people are in denial.

Many people will think I’ve lost my mind . . . which is the primary reason I haven’t written this post yet, but . . .

I changed my mind after several months of chewing on it.

I’m taking my chances that you’ll think I’ve gone bonkers, off the deep end, and am worthy of being COMMITTED.

Well – I AM COMMITTED to THRIVING and SURVIVING through thick and thin, and I believe that denial of significant change is Toxic thinking . . . so I rant 🙂

The internet we think we know and love is dead.

Gone are the days when Personal and/or Company websites are “practically” useful for lead generation.

The disclaimer is that SOME websites ARE still useful . . . but not practical because of the sheer expense required to keep them at the top of the SEO rankings.

Long Tails” are important because they leave a trail of breadcrumbs all over the internet that lead consumers to relevant content . . . so . . . BLOG, Facebook (with public visibility), Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, all serve quite well together as “Long Tail Builders.”

The longer the tail is and the more focused and relevant the content (Always circling back to the source – your business), the more leads show up.

BUT . . . The way these leads show up is radically different than “back in the day” of lucrative Internet Lead Generation.

The real, quality prospects aren’t filling out on-line forms so they can view more content – That’s a waste of time for them, and they’re wise to automated “Drip Campaigns” . . . Those muck up their in-boxes with garbage.

Today’s leads are not likely to stay on ANY site for long enough to be “captured” because they are now using the internet for INFORMATIONAL purposes. 

If they want to know about a listing, they’ll Google the address (not go to the listing company’s website).

If they want to know about an agent, they’ll google the agent’s name and city.

If they want neighborhood information, they’ll google it . . .

If they want to know where to find the best burger, they’ll google it and click on the yelp links.

Here’s the kicker . . .

My phone is ringing with leads on the other end more NOW than it has in over 5 years.

When the average consumer has any gap in information or wants to view the inside of a house, they are CALLING me or emailing me DIRECT.

The feeding frenzy of “Internet Lead Generation” has exhausted the supply’s tolerance.

Real estate Buyer and Seller prospects are tired of being SOLD . . .

They just want the information from on-line sources and then to be HEARD by a LOCAL real estate sales professional.

REALTORS are fed up with the Zillows and trulias and even our own National Association of REALTORS competing for our on-line leads just so they can “sell them back to us” by charging fees for “enhanced visibility” or offering leads at exorbitant referral fees.

We give the information FREE through IDX sharing, and they profit from our generosity.

These practices have become so unconscionable that some (many) real estate firms (Crye-Leike is one BIG one) are experimenting with opting out of IDX feeds.

Opting out of IDX feeds takes out the Zillows and Trulias and local competitors from featuring our listings just to capture leads . . . but it might not be enough, BECAUSE

NAR and a few other web destinations get direct feeds from the MLS’s

What then?

Does it stand to reason that the majority of the consumers really only want the information from the internet without the hassle?

So . . . It might occur to more and more Real Estate Sales Professionals, that as long as we can put the information on-line ourselves (as part of our “long tails,”

Do we really need NAR or our local MLS providers for this purpose?

Is it possible that MLS systems have “had a good 10 year run” but are now approaching the probability of being functionally obsolete?

Of Course, NAR still holds the value of upholding the ethical standards of all REALTORS and Political Action Initiatives to protect HomeOwnership in The USA – The American Dream.

I don’t know where this is going, but I do think that BIG change is coming . . . SOON!

How many more months can YOU afford to be wrong?

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