Thrilling YES! but does it MATTER?

Many many many speakers talk a LOT about what matters.

I talk a LOT about what matters and the importance of staying tuned in on more of that and squander less energy on the stuff that doesn’t!

Prevalent in my thinking and writing is reference to “The Vital Few” . . . the small minority of people, things, action, pursuits that matter more than “the trivial many.”

We don’t want to be “average and plain vanilla” and we LOVE to think that our work will have a positive impact for the people in our lives . . . that we will make a difference.

Seth Godin hit a chord with me in his blog post this morning: The thrill is gone

“The work of a professional isn’t to recreate thrills. It’s to show up and do the work. To continue the journey you set out on a while ago. To make the change you seek to make in the universe.

Thrilling is fine. Mattering is more important.”


THRILLS are often risky.

We LOVE to hear our clients quip that they were THRILLED by the experience of working with us . . . but is that always a good thing?

Perhaps a little less thrilling would be more steady and safe.

I’m just brainstorming with myself here . . .

In light of Seth Godin’s observations might “Fulfilling” be a better goal than “Thrilling?”

After all . . . what matters most is that our clients get “there” with minimal angst and hassle.

What say you?

PS We REALTORS of Pareto Realty take great pride in listening VERY carefully to our clients and guiding them smoothly from here to there.

While we can’t promise THRILLS, we are MASTERS at helping Home Buyers and Sellers get more of what matters to them at the right time 🙂

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