Thinking of Buying or Selling a home? The ball IS in your court!

All of us, regardless of our respective professions, have endured the whole gambit of trials and tribulations in the past 4-5 years as the economy has done what it has done.

There’s plenty of finger pointing that can still be done, but what’s the use of that?

The real truth is that we have just run through a veritable gauntlet of epic proportions as God decided we all just needed a strong dose of humility.

For many, the result is a feeling of “Helplessness” . . . That there’s really not anything we (individually) can do to improve our lot . . . or make a difference in the grand scheme of things.

So where from here?

With all of the above having been said, the reality is that life continues to go onward. Family households are growing with new babies or taking in aging relatives . . . and shrinking as young ones move on to college or to start their own families and/or careers . . . or die.

and still, there’s that slightly “less practical” side of the scenario . . . Like, you just want a different house or different location . . . just because . . . or to get into a different school zone . . . or to live closer to church or other places you frequent . . . or closer to friends – farther away from family (in-laws) . . . Job relocation . . . and the list goes on.

The big BUT (elephant in the room) is the myth that anyone would be psychotic to buy or sell a house in this market. All of the news media certainly makes a good case for staying put. We’re hearing folks talking about Mortgage interest rates increasing, and housing prices beginning to rise . . . both of which add up to a decrease in Home Ownership Affordability . . . yet projections also show a decrease in unemployment.

Take a look at many REALTOR’s facebook pages and blogsites, and you might see a whole collage of whining and complaining about how difficult it is to get deals to the closing table. That may deter you as you draw the logical conclusion that securing financing is next to impossible . . . That the lending process is such a quagmire that you’d have to offer your first-born child to get a clear to close.

then . . . there are the horror stories of the “Short Sale” or “foreclosure REO” deals that could take as long as 9 months to consummate.

All of the above happens.

My opinion is that NONE of that is relevant to YOU if you have the itch to move.

The “Secret to Success” for Home Buyers and Sellers in this market (and EVERY market) has everything to do with clarity of MOTIVATION and appropriate PREPARATION.

This thing of purchasing and/or selling a house is NOT simply a “Transaction”! Like it or not, this is a life event for you and your family and friends and everyone else in your world. It’s part of your journey – not a “destination”.

Where you live MATTERS . . . to you and others.

Let’s look from a slightly different perspective.

Everything you do in your life has 2 components:

– Decisions to make

– a process to implement or follow

YOU (and ONLY you) are the person who should be making ALL of the decisions throughout the process. My opinion is that you can best make these decisions only with appropriate preparation and coaching from a professional.

Recently, I found myself facing the prospect of having to undergo surgery to fix a medical issue. I knew that only I could make the decision to proceed . . . and I knew that I could not feel good about that decision until I had the opportunity to learn more about the process such that I knew all of the ramifications associated with agreeing to the procedure . . . So I sought a specialist in the field, had him evaluate my condition, offer his prognosis, explain the process . . . and it was only THEN that I agreed to the surgery.

Why would it be any different with any other life event that really MATTERS? (Like the purchase or sale of a home).

I relied on that doctor to give me enough information such that I could come to an informed decision as to how I should proceed . . . and with enough professionalism that I would have faith in his ability (competence) to deliver as smooth and painless a process asa possible.

Once my decision was made, my work was done . . . It was then time for the doctor to manage and implement the process.

Same goes for the purchase or sale of a house . . . You identify discomfort (have a desire to move) . . . Call a Doctor (Real Estate Professional) for an evaluation (needs analysis) . . . Consider the prognosis . . . make the decision whether (or not) to proceed . . . and then move forward with faith that the REALTOR will execute the process smoothly and efficiently with minimal life disruption.

There ya have it . . . Quit worrying about what the media is saying.

Are you experiencing discomfort and/or anticipating the need for a move any time between now and the next 18-24 months?

If so . . . Give me (or your favorite Real Estate Sales Professional) a jingle and let’s sit and have an initial consultation to discuss options.

Simple as pie . . .

I’m just sayin’



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