There’s Nothing Weird About Thanksgiving


It’s time to take a break and reflect on the magnitude of the Harvest from our efforts (Fruits of our labor) throughout the year.

There’s no “PC” (Political Correctness) surrounding Thanksgiving because it’s simply a time for giving thanks . . . PERIOD!

Sure! I guess some folks could lament the origin of Thanksgiving and conjure up the implications of the early settlers taking advantage of the Native Americans . . . to which I say: “Let that go and enjoy an unadulterated day of giving Thanks.”

Oh Yeah! There’s also that potential for long standing “Family Dynamics” that have potential to pollute the bliss when the family gathers for the feast . . . to which I say: “Let that go and enjoy an unadulterated day of giving Thanks.”

Let all the “agendas” go for the day and focus on 2 things:

  1. Counting Blessings
  2. Authentically Enjoying the company of Family & Friends

Just look back at the last 11 months and make a list of all of your accomplishments.

While you’re at this list making exercise, make another one . . . List all of your failures. Be thankful for those also because each one of those is “Tuition” in the “School of Hard Knocks.”

With respect to the failures, you have some blessings:

  • Now you know one more thing NOT to do
  • You lived through it, therefore you have demonstrated your personal strength
  • With each failure, you climbed another rung up your ladder of success
  • Other people were watching you and cheering for you and are proud of your commitment and determination.

Embrace these as “Growing Pains” and let go of any inklings of resentment or regret.

Reflect and Honor the “you” who was throughout 2014 and be thankful.

Now look FORWARD!

What’s ahead?

What will you commit to do in 2015?

Make another list . . . and resolve to take appropriate ACTION beginning on “Black Friday”


No more list making . . . Now, it’s time to CELEBRATE!

Prepare your feast and invite EVERYONE without condition . . . While you’re at it, invite a few people who don’t have a place to go.

There’s nothing else to do on Thanksgiving Day!


I wish you a most fabulous day of PEACE, generosity, and thankfulness with all of the people you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Published by Barry Owen

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