The time warp Conundrum

Most people who have experienced a life threatening accident say that things seemed to happen in slow motion.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re traveling in unfamiliar territory towards a new (to you) destination, it seems to take FOREVER to get there . . .

And when returning home from said unfamiliar place, the trip seems to be a LOT faster even though it’s the same distance.

You could swear you sat at that red light for 10 minutes, but the clock only ticked off 3.

You’re working along and glance at the clock and see that it’s 2:17 . . . Next time you look, it’s 4:32 . . . WAIT! WHAT?

The last 3 minutes of the game take 34 minutes.

So . . . our perception of time is relative to the circumstances.

so often, we frame time into our expectations. We bend it, stretch it, twist it, and sometimes wish we could stop it.

We humans are the ones who invented time.

Some would say we “discovered” and then defined it to be seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries, eons

and they say that “Time marches on” forever and always.

Success is often measured by how much we accomplish in a given period of time.

100 years from now . . . will this matter?

FINALLY . . . Here’s my point (thought I would NEVER get around to it, eh?)

The concept of time is a concept and it differs for everyone who experiences it.

What you think takes eternity to happen, some folks think was a FLASH.

So . . . as you are working with people as customers or clients, are you patient with their differing views of time?

are you sympathetic and empathetic?

or do you require everyone to conform to your personal time standard?

I wonder:

How might your “management of time expectations (your and others’) contribute to or limit your success?


Published by Barry Owen

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