The ride to the top is powered

Going down is more of a controlled fall.

It is true that when we are “in our element” and what we are doing is in alignment with our core passion, we feel lifted up.

When we follow our heart, we climb until we LAUNCH!

Yes . . . most of us don’t slip effortlessly into following our true passion because we have “obligations” . . . or we fall into that trap of keeping up with the joneses . . . or we listen to other people who tell us we can’t possibly do THAT and make a decent living.

Following your heart isn’t the easiest path because society is conspiring against us with all of these distracting temptations and social constructs . . . even as the Universe is cheering for us to survive this gauntlet and emerge (Phoenix rising).

Reaching that point at which we can actually proclaim that we have made full commitment to this passion as personal life purpose (Our personal YUGE WHY), is the point at which we lift off the runway and soar . . . or we find the stairs have become an escalator thereby making our rise happen faster with less effort.

Interestingly, this is a rite of passage for all of us.

There’s a story behind this post – As I was leaving the Greater Nashville REALTORS Awards of Excellence Gala Saturday night, Richard Courtney and I approached the escalator at the same time. The Down escalator was not moving, and the up escalator was moving . . . This created a very disorienting experience (vertigoish) . . . Richard commented that I would probably blog about it, so . . .


If you’re in this pursuit of following your heart and finding it to be a struggle, I beg of you to continue the climb.

With each step, you’re getting closer to lift off . . . and when you do lift off, you’ll soar . . . and everyone will comment how passionate and happy you are and how cool it is that you are being who you really are.


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