The resolve to win

The Nashville Predators are making history on the ice . . .

Even as 2 of their “best” players are not playing due to injuries, the team has rallied to win their way to a 3-2 advantage in their “Best of 7” contest with the Anaheim Ducks.

The announcers of the game on Saturday were surprised and maybe even SHOCKED that the Preds WON.

How could this be?

Down by their 2 best players . . . surely their morale would waver, right?

How could they possibly win without these 2 long-time leaders in the mix?

Our Preds played with heart, and it became obvious that they were in that game to WIN!

There was no other option.

Even 3 power plays in row resulted in zero Duck points.

I talked about this in my facebook live drive time broadcast – catch it on my facebook page or go to

Well – WIN, they did 4-2!

This is a real TEAM with the RESOLVE to WIN!

That’s a formidable combination.

Some teams would fall apart without their stars and relegate the loss to just that.

Not our Predators . . .

They came to WIN, and they were committed to doing as a team whatever it would take to WIN.

How much more success might we all have with that level of resolve?

hmmmm . . . .

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