The peril of scripts and dialogs for Sales People

How authentic is your sales approach?

When you are Lead Generating, who speaks more words in each of your interactions – You or the Prospect?

Is your goal to SELL, capture the lead, or build a foundation for a relationship?

How many questions do you ask, and do you actively listen to the prospect’s responses?

Does the prospect seem guarded and distrusting or warm and inviting?

What’s your batting average? (How many of your calls result in appointments?)

Are you tuned in enough to communicate a WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) that resonates with the prospect?

Is your “personality” adaptable?

How quickly can you determine the Personality profile of the prospect so as to be able to tailor your side of the conversation to engage them appropriately?

In 10 words (or less), what makes YOU different than all the other sales people calling this prospect?

At the end of the call, do you know/understand the prospect’s “pain” and does the prospect feel like you do?

What is this prospect’s problem and what’s the best next step for them to solve it?

Does it matter how many deals you’ve closed if the prospect feels like you care?

Do you use rehearsed scripts and dialogs?

Enough with the questions . . .

Time for a demonstrative story . . .

I’m currently shopping for the perfectly integrated Website/SEO/CRM/Transaction Manager/Financial Back Office solution for my growing Real Estate Sale Firm here in Nashville.

Oh! There are SO many options.

I built a list of the top 15 based on responses through REALTOR forums and local agent interviews.

For the past 3 weeks, I have been “Requesting Demos” from each and every one of them and subsequently have experienced the full gambit of sales pitches.

Being on the receiving end has been instructional to say the least.

When I connected with the company I currently use, the sales person didn’t hear a single word of what I said about my needs . . . so she proceeded to attempt to sell me an upgrade that is, in truth, not even a remote need of mine. (I’m looking first for effective SEO and flow of the leads through a nicely integrated CRM with a very unique strategic and top secret twist).

That was easy – now of the 14 remaining, I’ve quickly disqualified 10 other contenders because their platforms just aren’t robust enough or customizable ¬†enough to meet my needs. Bless their hearts, ALL of those “Sale People” for those 10 companies were obviously sitting in cubicles spewing prescribed scripts and doing their best to keep my attention long enough to convince me to buy their product. Most quoted a price after which I offered a “pregnant pause of uncomfortable silence” to which they respond immediately with a “Special Pricing Incentive” if I would commit before the end of the month.

All of these pitches were contrived and disappointing, and I had the thought that they might not actually be real people . . . or maybe they were ALL together in one YUGE call center jabbering away.

The 4 that made the short list?


Top Producer


Commissions Inc (CINC)

Because I still have not made a decision, I will not go into detail about the ranking of these 4, but I can say that their sales approaches are distinctly different.

One focuses on flexibility and customization, so I could build a custom platform that does EXACTLY what I want. The pricing was frightfully high and required annual fee payment up front. The set up would need to ‘managed” by a 3rd party person who they could refer, and any modules beyond the CRM component would have to be outside platforms integrating in. The customizability sounds fabulous, but the reality is that it sounds like I’d have to make the set-up a full time job for about a month.

Another has most but not all of what I want . . . and I like it . . . but it does not include a website, and I’m not not feeling like having to invest the time, energy, money to research and acquire that separately. The pricing is friendlier (Monthly per user with annual commitments). It’s still on my list because I like the platform, BUT I have the sense that the sales person couldn’t care less whether I became a customer or not. There was not a sense of urgency or desire to earn me as a customer . . . and no follow up now 2 weeks after the call.

The next one is mystifying. It’s a popular platform which does most of what I want. Problem is, I’ve had 2 scheduled calls and have yet to see a demo. The premise is that the first call was with a “sales person” who emphasized their desire to REALLY learn my needs, so they could address all of them . . . He was very scripted and asking canned questions and obviously typing them into his CRM. At the end of the call, we scheduled a 2nd call with a “Platform Expert” a few days later . . . That 2nd call began with “This will be a short call. I just want to learn more about what you need, so we can partner with you better.” It WAS a short call . . . I simply told him everything I had already told the 1st guy. The problem is, I’m 2 call into their process and STILL have seen what the CRM actually does. At the end of the call, I took the initiative and asked if we could have a demo at my next team meeting (I would rather see it myself first, but time is of the essence). I think whoever created their process has read too many sales books . . . They are saying all the right things like: “We want to be your long term partners and help you grow your company for years to come!” but they are not hearing me . . . I need to see what their platform will do before we start talking about being “Long Term Partners”

The final one seems to have the sales process buttoned up. The platform appears to have/do everything I want, and the only reason I haven’t pulled the trigger yet is that old thing about “if it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is” . . . I’m suffering from FOMO (Fear of missing out) on something better, so I’m throttling my urge to commit so as to be able to see how all of these compare . . . and to get the opinions of my agents.

So . . . I will make our choice next week . . . and I am CERTAIN whichever one I choose will the right one for now . . . and you are not going to BELIEVE what you will see happening at Pareto in 2017 . . . ATOMIC!


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