The PERFECT gift!

Right about now, I’m betting you’re in inner turmoil because you haven’t found that perfect for someone you love.

Of course, I think the PERFECT gift would be a new house here in Nashville (and I’m poised and ready to help you pull that off before Christmas morning), but that might not mesh with your reality.

So . . . What IS the “Perfect gift?”

How much should it cost?

Does the cost matter?

Where will you find it? might not deliver in time, and it might not be available on Amazon Now.

Oh how you DREAD going out into all that stinky traffic and fighting for a parking spot and competing with all of the other last minute shoppers who are all angry and frustrated and SO forgetting the true meaning of it all.

Perhaps you have regrets for not having done your shopping earlier and are remembering that you say this to yourself EVERY year.

After all, what could you possibly buy for this person who seems to have EVERYTHING?


I’m just EXHAUSTED thinking and writing about this enigmatic quandary with which you are wrestling.


An idea . . .

Remember when you were a kid, and one of your friends invited you to her birthday party, and you forgot to buy her a gift, but it’s time to go NOW?

What did you do?

What could you MAKE that would be meaningful?

Could you go into your digital world and find meaningful pictures of you and this person, print them and create a little picture album . . . or a poster collage?

What do you currently own that you KNOW she has admired? Couldn’t you give her that? (even if it’s a “Re-gift”) Odds are decent that if YOU like it, your friend will also.

How about a BOOK? Do you have any books on your shelf that you think would be impactful (is that a word)?

Write him a poem . . .

Sing her a song . . .

Invite him on a day trip . . . Just the 2 of you . . .

You do NOT have to BUY ANYTHING to give the perfect gift.


Unless, of course, you’re warm to my first idea (Buying a house before Christmas) in which case, you should call me IMMEDIATELY.

Merry Christmas!


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