The Internet . . .

What would life be like without the internet?

If the big World Connector were to shut down today, what then?

How would you (or could you) communicate with all of your “friends” and family?

Would commerce come to a screeching HALT?

How is your use of the internet different today than it was yesterday, Last month, last year, 5 years ago?

What has the internet done with respect to humanity as a whole?

Some say that the global interconnectedness has opened the eyes of people worldwide and may even be a significant factor in much of the social unrest and rash of revolutions.

Some say that (in large part due to the advent and proliferation of the internet) we might just be heading for a “world government” instead of multiple Nations . . . Under a single governing body?

We already have a “Global Economy” . . .

and I can talk with friends all over the planet face to face with just a couple of clicks on my netbook.

These are big thoughts to think, and I think they are worth thinking and exploring because 25 years ago, none of us could have possibly imagined our capabilities with the internet of today.

Where’s it going and how tolerant will “peeps” continue to be as the Internet “Big Brother” continues to gather data about us, pile it into┬álogarithms, and DEFINE us individually . . . dictating who we “see” and what we read and hear in every facet of our lives?

All of that is happening now . . . and the logarithms are only getting “Smarter”.

Some would argue that the internet has turned the corner of artificial intelligence . . . There’s enough there that it could perhaps begin to think for itself (Hal) . . . OOPS!

Did we intend for this to happen?

My invitation:

Wake up each morning and imagine that the internet crashed while you were sleeping and spend the first part of every day in a non-electronic mode.

Hand write a few notes . . . write in a journal with paper and pen (Private thoughts – not just stuff to please your internet audience) . . . reach out and make GENUINE contact with the people who matter in your life.

Don’t let the internet take your most valuable treasure . . . your personal authenticity and creativity . . . That’s YOUR “Real World”

and when you decide to come to the internet based existence, do so very intentionally. Think through which sites to use . . .

Are they in alignment with your beliefs?

Do they bring real value to your life?


If the internet goes DOWN, will you survive without them?

Inquiring minds . . .

I have no clue where it’s all going from here. the one thing I AM certain of is that the cheese will move – Get ready for more transformation.

We’re going to explore some of these questions in this week’s Friday Masterminds session @ 10AM, and you are welcome to join us . . .

Our topic is simply:

“The Internet . . . ”

Just sayin,



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