The importance of coterminous Relations!

I asked my Facebook friends to give me ONE word from which I would compose an impromtu blog post . . . My friend from Down East (Maine) Kristen offered “Coterminous”

The online dictionary says:

“coterminous [kəʊˈtɜːmɪnəs], conterminous

adj 1. (Law) having a common boundary; bordering; contiguous

2. coextensive or coincident in range, time, scope, etc.”

and suddenly it’s all very clear to me.

We live in a world in which we are finding ourselves coterminous with an ever-increasing number of people.

Individual boundaries and range of contact with other beings seems to be growing exponentially daily as our ways of interacting transcend the physical realm.

I can imagine that this word first came to be in a world in which neighbors were coterminously connected by the fence between their yards . . . and their coincidental births in the same era.

Nowadays, I have “friends” all over the world many of whom i have never physically met.

Our coterminous relations fly around in the clouds . . . bits and bytes intersecting in a world with very few determinable barriers.

While this is fun for some . . . others find it all simply overwhelming.

With such range and scale, I’m thinking that our potential for doing good for others through our coterminous interaction is exponentially larger than life.

My only concern is that there is also that other side of the coin . . . Potential for depth of reach for those on the “dark side” is also coterminously present.

We each have more responsibility to behave now than ever . . . because we are touching more people with every stroke on the keyboard – or text – or mobile upload





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