The Holiday Real Estate Twilight Zone

The real estate market gets wonky during the Holiday Season.

There really isn’t any ‘splainin’ that will satisfactorily make sense of this VooDoo, but I will do my best to describe it . . . and then point out some benefits of buying and/or selling a house NOW.

Most of the inventory is “Stale” because fewer home owners choose to list their houses during the holidays. After all, who wants to show their house while entertaining friends and family?

“Conventional wisdom” is to wait to list until the market heats up in the Spring. There are many justifications for waiting – The yards are prettier in the Spring. Houses show better. The weather is better . . .

Enter the Twilight Zone!

BECAUSE there are fewer (stale) houses on the market, new and fresh listings will get LOTS of attention.

It also means that many of the owners of the listed properties are more motivated than ever.

Which means that they are REDUCING their prices.

For Buyers, there may be houses that were out of their price range yesterday but are now reduced into their price range.

It’s essential to watch the market like a hawk and be aware of all houses that come into the “sweet spot” of being a “good deal.”

There are fewer Sellers and Buyers, and those that ARE “in the market” are SERIOUS about selling or buying.

The savvy REALTORS who continue to work through the holidays know that, when their competition goes into hibernation (or party like a rock star mode), they can more easily capture a larger slice of the market . . . and when the market awakens in the Spring, their slice of the pie will likely increase commensurately thereby setting themselves up for a FABULOUS 1st quarter of 2016.

So . . . I personally enjoy “4th quarter play” in the real estate market far more than any other quarter.

Played right, it leads to a STRONG finish of 2015 and HUGE momentum into 2016.

Will you enter the Twilight Zone with me?

(or will you take a break and leave the House selling to me?)

Either way, the REAL winners are the Home Buyers and Sellers who can enjoy a much less frenetic experience.

Why wait til the Spring when all of the competition is ramped up?

Let’s do this!

Published by Barry Owen

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