The Headline Reads . . .

Best Cities for Telecommuting – Austin TX is #1

Is this good news for the people of Austin?

Bragging rights for having the highest percentage of their workers working from home?

Having been an “Independent Contractor” and Entrepreneur for the past 25 years, I can candidly say that I have ALWAYS had the option to work from home rather than going to an office.

I done this for stretches of time throughout my career and have found that working from home is not (for me) the nirvana that many people make it out to be.

It can be very lonely with little to no flesh in-person interaction.

The built-in isolation tends to minimize diversity of thought and ideas with no possibility of chance encounters/conversation in the hallway or around the coffee pot.

When at home, distractions are abundant – Pets want attention – the laundry basket is full – There’s cleaning to be done . . . and yard work . . . and organizing . . . and and and

Other than the numbers YOU report (which may be somewhat contrived) where’s the accountability?

Who’s there to challenge you to perform at your highest potential?

Is your home a “Learning Environment” that provides the “experiential Classroom” environment?

I’m sure there are telecommuters who do all of this well within the confines of their homes, but I believe that many would/should/could be more efficient and effective working amongst their colleagues.

i see this play out with Real Estate Sales Professionals who take great pride in their ability to run their businesses without ever setting foot in the office, and I always wonder how much more successful they could be if they were to office in the office instead of the home.

For some of the die-hards, we’ll never know.

My observation and personal experience has been that those who spend at least some time in the office tend to be more successful (Sell more houses).

The more, the merrier as the culture builds and the esprit de corps spreads.

Colleagues motivate colleagues . . . and we all win.

What’s your take on this?

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