The Final Countdown – Monday Morning Coffee!

Are you feeling the heat?

As we slide into the 2nd week of December, we are suddenly realizing that we have a mere 24 days remaining in 2015.

Odds are decent that most of us are focused on “Finishing” what we started 341 days ago.

We’re assessing how we did, and we’re thinking about how we will transition into 2016.

Will we BURST into 2016 projecting our full power such that we build sufficient momentum to carry us through the inevitable Winter doldrums?


Will we cruise forward with intent to maintain our steady pace with the thought that we are running a Marathon and not a sprint?


Will we decide we’re tired, and we deserve a break, so we pause our game and relax through the holidays with the mindset that we can spool things back up after the New Year?

I will not judge your choice because I know that it IS your choice.

I, personally, am afflicted by some pathological psychological need to intensify my efforts as I approach year end.

There are many “projects” to wind down in the next few weeks . . .

and then that pesky “closing of the 2015 books”

and opening of the 2016 books.

All of this to say . . . Whatever you choose to do, I want to put this bug in your ear.

Be Intentional!


Beginning NOW, make every effort to be intentional about everything you do.

This will not require any special training.

Before DOING, Simple pause briefly and consider the following:

  • Is this the right thing to do now? Does it align with my goals and move me forward?
  • Is this something I could delegate to someone else who can do it more efficiently with less opportunity cost for me?
  • Do I know HOW to this?
  • Do I have the tools required?
  • Do I have the time now to start this . . . AND finish it?

That is all!

I hope you have a fabulously intentional week 🙂

PS: Every day, the Vital Few REALTORS of Pareto Realty practice being intentional because we know our clients rely on us to shepherd them safely through the increasingly complex and treacherous waters of real estate transactions. If you’re thinking of a move, we hope you will INTENTIONALLY connect with us before taking action.

Published by Barry Owen

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