The exponential benefits of sharing

When we were babies, odds are good that ALL of our parents encouraged us to SHARE . . . Our toys, our potato chips, our feelings.


Parents innately know that it is through sharing that we all build healthy relationships and that those who share tend to make friends faster.

Sharing is SO powerful because when we share, we are inviting others to join us in our experience of that “thing”. As children, we benefitted through sharing by this really cool byproduct . . . “When I share my toy with you, we both learn new and interesting ways to play with the toy.”

I see this with our daughters (9 & 11) nearly every day. Often it begins with HUGE resistance to sharing . . . Then a large argument . . . then a long period of eerie silence . . . and we discover that they have worked through their competitive phase and have directed that energy towards playing (together) with the toy.

We adults do the same. First instinct of most is not to share (gutteral Instinct?), Yet when we DO share, we are rewarded exponentially.

Yesterday was REBarCamp Nashville and the sharing was plentiful. There wasn’t anyone there who I witnessed holding her cards close. Every session was packed with people sharing ideas, knowledge and toys . . . and EVERYONE was learning.

The energy was that of a perpetual motion machine . . . That event was from 8-5 and most everyone there gained energy and excitement as the day progressed . . .

Until the reality sets in . . .

Sharing is exhilarating and FUN . . . and EXHAUSTING . . .

Our mental stamina has boundaries/limitations and we hit that point of diminishing returns as the overstimulation of such an infusion of VOLUME SHARING kicks our adrenalin and we GO GO GO until we CRASH.

This phenomenon happens to virtually ANY person attending a conference or a class . . . UNLESS!

We practice sharing MORE OFTEN!

Just as in Physical exercise the more of it we do, the better “in shape” we are to do it (share) AND the better we are at doing it.

So . . . Hone your sharing skills by choosing to engage in every opportunity to share that comes atcha.

There’s another opportunity to practice your sharing prowess on the near horizon here in Nashville . . .

A free event called the Nashville Real Estate Consortium (NREC)

Details are here

Tickets are here

THEME: “Leveraging REALTOR and Local Business Relationships to Fortify Nashville’s Economy”

REBarCamp Nashville was (primarily) for sharing electronic toys and web and social media knowledge . . .

At NREC, we’ll open the Pandora’s box of “Everything else”.

We’ll explore new business building ideas and strategies . . . Marketing avenues, training and consulting . . . and virtually ANYTHING that ANYONE who comes wants to learn more about.

The format allows for EVERY participant to have an opportunity to present his/her “question” (topic) for discussion . . . and guarantees that the issue will be addressed during the event . . . I promise.

We also have @ 25 “vendor sponsors” who will all be participating fully in the event and who paid all the bills 🙂

Come practice your sharing skills with us . . . stretch yourself!

Just sayin’



PS . . . You DON’T have to live in Nashville to attend this event. You’re more than welcome to come in from out of town and steal our ideas and take’m home (as long as you share yours)

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