The Early bird makes hay while the sun is shining

I made it to the office in record time this morning.

Traffic was – well – non-existent, and my usual 45 minute commute was 18 minutes.

Today is the Vernal Equinox . . . The official first day of Spring.

I knew traffic would be light not because of the advent of Spring or the power of the vernal equinox but because most schools in Middle Tennessee are out of session for Spring break.

The occurrence of Spring break gives anyone with school aged kids the perfect chance to “escape from the grind” to the beech or the slopes . . . and many of those without kids will take time off under the heading of: “No one else is working, so why should I?”

This presents a wonderful “early bird gets the worm” period of time for those who stay in town and choose to go to work and find themselves vastly rewarded with this awesome opportunity to get stuff done with far fewer distractions.

Most of the rabble rousers have left town.

Much of the competition left the market.

So quit pouting that you didn’t get to go to the beech . . . revel in the gift you’ve been given.

I’m betting you’ll get more worms this week and accomplish more with far less effort.

I and (most of) The Vital Few agents of Pareto Realty are here and engaged and ready to serve.

Isn’t it about time you started taking action on your desire to make a move?

Happy Spring!

Let’s do this!

Published by Barry Owen

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