Thankful for Challenges

I woke up this morning not feeling all that thankful because of some recent challenges I’ve been facing.

Yet . . . Every year during the Thanksgiving holiday, I feel an obligation (to myself, my family and friends, everyone in my world, and the ForeFathers of the good ole USA) to be thankful for “all of this.”\

So . . . I wrote this on my facebook wall this morning:

“Already starting to think about all that we have for which (whom) to be Thankful . . . Most folks will focus on being thankful for the blessings in life – the GOOD things! What about the challenges? What about the people who push you? What about the zingers Mother Nature throws at us? These are the things that stretch us to be BETTER than before – to be resilient. I am just as thankful for them as all the good because they shape us and keep us sharp as we make choices each and every moment of each and every day. Rejoice in the day . . . and be Thankful for ALL of it this week :-)”

I AM thankful – VERY thankful – for ALL of it.

Good, bad, ugly, beautiful, happy, sad, white, black, grey . . . ALL of it!


Because it is ALL of it that provides us all what we need to succeed in our personal and professional lives.

Without the contrasts, our worlds would be¬†homogeneous boredom . . . and we would ALL be “Average.”

The edges provide the contrast . . . our catalyst for excellence.

From today until Thanksgiving Day, my messages here will ones of Thankfulness.

Are YOU thankful?

PS: Seth Godin wrote an interesting (and alarming) blog post this morning that raises a whole set of “challenges” and questions that most Americans don’t want to address.

Check it out here: Freedom in a digital world 

Read it if you dare.

He ends it with: “In the meantime, I wish we were asking more questions.”

The smartest students are the ones who ask the most questions.

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