Taking Responsibility – Fueled by PASSION

What do you REALLY care about?

Who ARE you?

When you “Take a Stand”, who’s standing there with you?

At your core, what’s your PURPOSE?

When you die, who’s coming to your funeral and what will they (and your epitaph) say?

All of the above begs you to recognize your personal PASSION . . . What MATTERS to you!

When you know and take ownership of your passion and commit yourself to follow your heart (Rather than buckling under to societal Peer¬†pressures or other people’s agendas), Lots of things begin to¬†happen – relatively effortlessly.


Unbridled PASSION must come OUT, or you might ‘slpode.

It’s time to take appropriate ACTION which means DOING something about it.

Taking responsibility for your passion means:

  • Getting out there amongst other people who share your passion.
  • NO FEAR!
  • Clarity of Purpose and message!
  • Building your entire existence around this passion and projecting it out into the world around you.
  • Creating a career that supports this passion.
  • LIVING the life you are here to LIVE

This ain’t rocket science.

Your success comes when you allow your passion to lead the way.

Awaken this passion within you and Get out of the way.

Quit sabotaging your own success by doubting yourself.

The world is counting on you to be yourself and to make the best of your time here with us.

Everything else is just “stuff”.

Hang ten

Just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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