Taking it slow and easy

FAST and FURIOUS doesn’t always make you a star.

Myriad Businesses, Movie Stars, and Musicians have popped on the National and International fame and fortune radar only to become a flash in the pan.

Some folks call these “One Hit Wonders”

and then they fade into the background and people wonder . . . why?

I had a great conversation with a friend and client today. I asked how business was this year, and he said it was the best year EVER . . . that part of this “Bestness” centers around their decision to dip their toes into another segment of their market . . . but they were being cautious to do it right “because the mega-market is saturated with companies that do what they do, and they have to be careful to build a solid base as they evolve . . . crashing full-tilt into a new market segment could have draconian ramifications.”


I think every business on the planet could learn from this.

take it SLOW and make it look EASY . . . Begin with one on one relationships and build from there even if it takes years instead of months.

Unless you’re OK with being a one hit wonder 🙂

Try this in the new year . . .

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2013!

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