T minus 4 and Counting down

Are you thinking about doing something radically different in 2016?

Here we are 4 days from the the New Year, and I’m putting the screws to noodling around my successes and failures in 2015 . . . and imagining how things might/can be different in 2016.

What I’m learning about myself and my trajectory is that I keep coming back to remembering my core personal values and the fundamental principles upon which I launched Pareto Realty a mere 5 years ago. Most of these come from an amalgamation of learnings from Open Space Technology (My father Harrison Owen‘s “Discovery”), The FourFold Way (A La Angeles Arrien), The Pareto Principle, and Seth Godin, Stephen Covey, and a whole slew of other great philosophical minds (Henry David Thoreau).

The MISSION hasn’t changed!

The PATH squiggles and finds cul-de-sacs and has steep hills to climb over (or coast down) and quagmires and meadows and storms and droughts and life and death and every conceivable emotion along the way.

This is a personal and professional journey, and my vision is clear . . . There’s not an “end” destination lest we create for ourselves the dreaded Olympic Gold enigma:

After the Gold: Olympic Medalists Struggle With Real Life

a quandary I often contemplate is:

When we go about our goal setting with and “end” in mind – an “Exit Strategy” – what happens when we get “there?”

What then?

The happiest retired folks I know are “still working” with the same joie de vivre day in and day out that they had on the day they started their journey 30 – 40 – 50 years ago.

So . . . Seth Godin posted a VERY timely blog post this morning. I have quoted it in its entirety below, and it’s worth a gander.

One big idea

Most breakthrough organizations aren’t built on a bundle of wonderment, novelty and new ideas.

In fact, they usually involve just one big idea.

The rest is execution, patience, tactics and people. The ability to see what’s happening and to act on it. The rest is doing the stuff we already know how to do, the stuff we’ve seen before, but doing it beautifully.

You probably don’t need yet another new idea. Better to figure out what to do with the ones you’ve got.

As you consider your journey through 2016 . . . Instead of re-inventing, I hope you’ll consider all of the above and decide to be a better version of yourself in 2016 . . . nothing more.

Success will then show up 🙂

That’s MY plan, and I’m sticking to it.

GodSpeed my friend!

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