Striving to be a “Highly Effective Person?”

Dr. Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is largely to blame for much of my passion for being “Highly Effective” . . . and for helping others learn how THEY can become “Highly Effective.”
There’s just something very gratifying and comforting about performing at a high level without letting “them” see you sweat.
Other great thinkers who have influenced me through the years are:
  • Vilfredo Pareto – The 80/20 Principle
  • Harrison Owen – My Father and discoverer of Open Space Technology
  • Angeles Arrien – The FourFold Way
  • Birgitt Williams – The Genuine Contact Program
  • Michael Gerber – EMyth
  • Seth Godin – Purple Cow Thinker
  • Daniel Quinn – Common Sense observer
  • Joe Stumpf – Real Estate Trainer & Coach
  • Gary Keller – Real Estate Guru – and Founder of Keller Williams
I’ve been a “student” of all of these great thinkers/authors as well as a host of others for 25+ years and have been my own Guinea pig as I sort through the advice and have “tested” virtually EVERYTHING in search of that “grail” of Life Balance/Flow.
The earthshattering conclusion I’ve reached is that it’s “Life Rhythm” that we seek . . . This thing we call “life” is really a DANCE of our experiences, the people we meet, our talents, our motivations, ups and downs . . . The REAL trick for any high performing performing is the same as with EVERY dancer . . . Finding a personal RHYTHM . . . Making this dance YOURS.
Dance to the beat of YOUR drummer – not someone else’s 🙂
Having assimilated all of these millions of ideas and thousands upon thousands of pages of reading into what I know to be wonderful “Way” to live, the next logical step in MY dance is to invite other folks onto the dance floor and to help each of them discover her/his own, unique rhythm . . . I do this through training, Mastermind sessions, and 1:1 coaching.
While the program appears to be geared towards “Real Estate Professionals,” the principles are universal and would be just as applicable in virtually anyone’s life/career.
I see there being 3 primary components for folks to “Work On” to enhance over-all performace.
  • Life Rhythm – Personal Focus, Goals (Life and financial), time blocking/management – Attending to living intentionally WRT Spiritual, Emotional, Social, Mental, and Physical Well-being
  • IN Your Biz –  Serving Clients (Mechanics of working with Buyers and sellers)
  • ON Your Biz – “Manualizing,” Developing systems, finding appropriate leverage, Marketing tools, Lead generation and Marketing, Developing your professional brand, Establishing your niche . . . THINKING . . . STRATEGIZING
My goal for each of my Coaching clients is for them to improve their lives . . . To bring them along a path of higher and higher performance in life. I know I cannot do this for them . . . My job is as a Shepherd – Nudging them along on course.
High Performance” is getting the most out of life – Doing more of what you like to do and less of what you don’t like to do . . . Increasing productivity (Selling more houses) with less effort . . . and finding a nice Life Rhythm to produce a regular, consistent flow of income . . . Enough to live the life you want to live and be able to build a “nest egg” for future financial security.
All of this takes time and patience, hard work, and accountability to a model.
The way we do this is to spend time up front doing some serious examination of:
  • PURPOSE – Who are you? Why are you here?
  • NOW – How things are. Your typical day. The way you work now
  • Ultimate Scenario – If everything were perfect, what would it look like?
  • Goals – 10, 5, 3, 1 Year . . . and a system for staying on track
  • Creation of Rhythm to support forward motion towards goals
  • Creating a plan for developing systems for RE Sales (ON)
  • Refining “Best Practices” in work with Home Buyers and Sellers (IN)
We do this with weekly 30 minute meetings which can be face-to-face or via telephone or skype.
30 minutes is plenty of time to tackle one (maybe 2) “issues” each week . . . We do this every week, and at the end of each session the client commits to very specific objectives for the week . . . Next meeting, we review what the commitment was – Did you do it? How’d it go? What’s next?
As all great marketers would say: “If you’re one of the first 8 to commit to this program, you get ALL of this at a LOW, introductory monthly rate. (This price will rise as the program builds, but not for the first 8 folks – EVER)
Along with the coaching, other offerings are:
  • “Community Mastermind” events
  • Periodic conferences to tackle tough issues and opportunities
  • Training Sessions or Retreats for Real Estate Firms
Simply contact me to learn more about any of the above, and . . .
Keep on dancing to your own rhythm 🙂

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