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When my computer starts acting funky, I go into troubleshooting mode.

I know that, unless there’s a nasty virus, she can fix herself if I prompt her appropriately.

Of course, the first step is “REBOOT” . . . Just a normal log-off and a restart.

80% of the time, that does the trick.

I don’t know the technicalities, but my suspicion is that during normal use, the computer sometimes skips a beat and get’s it normal sequencing of operation out of whack . . . The average (IMPATIENT) user continues to demand MORE even as the computer scrambles to catch up . . . and so it bogs down.

If the reboot doesn’t restore optimal performance, it’s time to do some tidying up, so . . .

I perform a “Disk Cleanup” scan and then delete the many mega-bytes of random bits and pieces that’re cluttering up the processor.

My logic tells me that the next step would be to check the integrity of what remains . . . so “Defragmenting” the disk

and finally, I launch AVG for a full virus scan.

This sequence (knock on wood) has worked nicely for YEARS.

Now for a leap . . . YOU are a computer!


Your Body, Mind, & Spirit can bog down just as a computer does . . . and the reasons are strikingly similar.

Over time, we often lose focus on the things that matter most resulting in Cluttering.

We allow our minds to wander into unhealthy “places” as we become consumed with Envy, worry, ego . . . Lack of FOCUS!

We slip into unhealthy eating Habits and/or fail to exercise.

We forget to pause and practice our personal spiritual practices of Meditation, Affirmation, and Prayer.

I think it’s IMPORTANT to do some troubleshooting on ourselves periodically.

ReBoot – STOP EVERYTHING and reserve some time for reflection. Get out of the maelstrom of activity and PAUSE the game for a period of time. This could be a vacation or personal retreat . . . Take this time to “Sharpen Your Saw”

Disc cleanup is all about cleaning up messy relationships, tending to issues we’ve been denying, taking responsibility (and ACTION) for/on distractions (Todo’s) and being relentlessly selfish about what we allow to fester in our minds . . . Life’s too short to obsess about things that don’t matter in the long run.

Defragmenting is all about integrity and authenticity. This is “Pulling yourself together” and remembering who you are and why you are “HERE NOW.” This might require a heavy dose of apology and forgiveness to yourself and others . . . Letting go!

Virus scan means going to the (few) people in your life you love and trust and respect the MOST and doing a “Check-in” with them. This could be a BFF, a Priest, Mentor, or accountability partner . . . Someone outside your own body who can give you candid feedback and advice . . . and forgiveness.

Develop a HABIT of doing this – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, annually and I think you’ll find a new you underneath all that clutter.



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